The Dirty Dozen | Quick Tip Monday

The Dirty Dozen, or the Holy Grail of produce buying. When heading out to the grocery store make sure you ALWAY bring this list (or have it memorized like some of us, ahem..) This list will protect you from the evils of pesticides, herbicides and all the other -cides you do not want in you healthy body. This is a list of fruits and vegs that should always, without any question, be organic! 
1. Peaches: Have a delicate skin making it easy for the multiple sprays to seep into the delicious fruit.
2. Apples: The heavy wax of this fruit helps keep the toxins inside, even peeling it won't be much help.
3. Grapes: Sprayed with 35 different pesticides, and has a thin skin, like the peach.
4. Strawberries: Sprayed with a whomping 36 different pesticides!
5. Cherries: 91% of cherries reported as filled with pesticides in a study done by EWG.
6. Nectarines: 97% of this scrumptious fruit!
7. Raspberries: 36 different pesicides used. It is very difficult to clean raspberries because of their fine skin and many crevasses.
8. Bell Peppers: Again, thin skin.
9. Celery: 29 varieties of pesticides
10. Spinach and Lettuce: Contaminated with the most harmful pesticides.
11. Potatoes: Not just pesticides on this one, but also fungicides
12. Tomatoes: Soft skin. Make sure when buying it says "Organic: ripened on the vine" or else it was picked before ripe and sprayed to ripen.
So there you have it, an easy list to guide you through the grocery store!