One Month In | Bikini Body Training Guide

I am 3 days out from being finished my first month of Kayla's Bikini Body Guide and let me tell you a little secret..it HURTS! Everything. Everywhere. Everyday. As I write this I am struggling in my seat to find a comfortable position. I HATE you Kayla..but I LOVE you just the same! Even though my body is hurting, I can feel myself getting stronger each week - I did burpees without wanting to puke...that's saying something. I actually crave these workouts.

Vegan Protein Pancakes. Recipe in my Instagram

I am starting to see results this week: my whole body feels tighter. I am used to lifting weights to gain muscle but I swear my back and triceps are more toned now than they ever have been (I'll post a progress picture, eventually..)
My motivation to get out of bed on a COLD morning. Top is Kayla, bottom left: Nat, bottom right: Morgan
Also, the followers of #thekaylamovement are so amazing 'I can't even'!! People from all over the world are apart of her workout 'clan' and share their thoughts and stories on Instagram for others to see. I have virtually talked to people from cities all across Canada and receive feedback on my posts from people ALL over the WORLD! It is amazing and feels so empowering that girls are all motivating each other to do their best, and offer tips whenever they can. I am so happy to actually be apart of this. Has this ever happened before: girls of the world coming together to become a healthy version of themselves? I don't know but if there has I'd love to know about it! In my opinion Kayla should be in history textbooks!

Meal prep for my work week. More on my Instagram

JK, but seriously, she is amazing! Her outlook on life is amazing! -total girl crush, I know but I can't help it! Maybe this is what week 4 does to a person..makes us fall in love with working out!

I have already looked ahead at week 5, it looks even more painful than the previous 4. Wish my luck!


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