My 5 Uses For Coconut Oil

For this post I wanted to do a shout out to Coconut Oil (holla!) If you haven't already, invest in some today! It's literally a life changer. 

TIP: When you pick out your oil make sure it is Organic and Virgin to make sure it is pure.

Makeup Remover
Use you coconut oil as a chemical free way to remove makeup, it even just to clear your face before bed. For those with oily skin fear not! This will not make your skin more oily, it will actually help balance out the oils in you face and actually keep it from getting shinny!

Shaving Cream
Next time you hop in the shower bring your coconut oil with you! Rub a small amount on your legs and shave like you normally would. I promise it'll be the closest shave you'll ever have (Sweeney Todd?)! And as a plus your legs will be so soft you won't be able to stop touching them!

Yeast Infection 
I have suffered from s chronic yeast infection for years, I tried EVERYTHING! I was to the point where I was buying Canesten at least once a month and using Doctor prescribed medication. Once I found out about how coconut oil has magical healing powers (antibacterial, anti fungal) I had to give it a try. And let me tell you what, it was pure sorcery! I haven't had a yeast infection since! I couldn't believe blow something so simple fix such a major problem for me. To use: freeze it in an ice cube tray, once frozen cut into pieces and insert vaginally, do this as soon as you notice first signs and it should kick the yeast infections butt! 

That's right ladies, you read that right. Stop using that chemical-filled-bladder-infection-promoting lube and start using the best oil on earth (not to mention it can double as a massage oil)! It's not sticky, or smelly, and it doesn't stain! 

Oil Pulling
I'm sure you're not surprised to see this make the list but I swear by it. Oil pulling is a ancient Chinese medicine that pulls toxins from the body. Use 1 tablespoon and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes making sure to swish through your teeth for at least 5 minutes. Do NOT swallow! At the end of the 20 minutes the oil will be full of toxins so you do not want to swallow it! 
Other benefits: whitens teeth, clears eczema,  and promotes oral hygiene!

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